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Restoration Services:

  • Water Damage Repair
  • Mold Remediation & Removal
  • Flood Damage Restoration
  • Emergency Flood Damage Mitigation
  • Dry-outs & Dehumidification
  • Water Extraction
  • De-odorization

We Service Residential & Commercial Properties

Going Through Insurance?

We have a lot of experience handling insurance claims and can help you have a smooth and easy claim process. Even if you have never filed an insurance claim before, our team can help explain and walk you through the whole claim process. However, if you are not filing an insurance claim, our regular restoration rates are among the most competitive in the industry.

Why Choose Us?
  • 24/7 SERVICE

    We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Disaster can strike at anytime, call us and we'll be there in 60 minutes or less!

  • No Waiting & Wondering

    We won't leave you waiting and wondering when we will arrive. We will call you when we are 20-30 minutes away from your property. We'll never keep you waiting, I promise

  • Honest & Reliable

    We keep you updated every step of the way, everything is up-front with no hidden fees, no random change of plans, and every service call will be made on-time (or early). We know your time is precious and don't want to waste a second of it. If we say we'll be there, I promise we will be there.

  • 24/7 Communication

    We've always got staff on "stand-by" ready to answer your call. If you leave a message we will get in contact with you right away. We're always ready if an emergency pops up

  • You're More Than Just a Customer to Us

    We pride ourselves on more than just our restoration services, we create friendships through great customer service. We're looking to create long term relationships where you absolutely love our service and will spread the word to anyone needing restoration and remediation services.

  • No Obligation Commitments

    We're completely focused on providing you with an outstanding experience, and we'll give you a FREE inspection along with a FREE estimate before you even spend a single dollar with us. This provides you time to "bail" if you don't think we're a good fit for each other.

Over 500+ Happy Customers Served in Southern California

Our Process

San Diego’s Trusted Mold And Water Damage Experts

Do you need help with mold removal and remediation or water and flood damage in San Diego, CA? Call now to speak with one of our staff members. We work with almost all insurance carriers. If you have a problem immediately and need assistance, we are open 24 hours, we have contractors that can be dispatched to your location immediately. We take removal and remediation services very seriously.

We Are Mold, Water, Flood, And Asbestos Specialists

We specialize in Asbestos, Mold, Water, and Flood. Our staff is highly trained and our specialized contractors have 10-20 years experience in their respective fields of expertise. We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding experience to each and every single one of our customers. We strive to provide our clients with excellent service through fast response times, friendly service, exceptional workmanship, accurate project completion timeframes, and cleaning up after ourselves. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week so if you are currently experiencing a flood, water, asbestos, or mold emergency please call now. We have life staff in San Diego, CA that are ready to answer your call.

Going through Insurance? No Problem

We can work directly with your insurance provider to service your property. If you need help filing a claim or have never filed an insurance claim before, we can help walk you through the proper process. If you are not going through insurance and instead are going out of pocket or paying using another method our staff will advise you on the best possible options to help you save money.

Trusted San Diego Water and Flood Damage Services

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded water damage and flood damage company for San Diego. Our certified technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are currently experiencing a emergency water or flood situations please pick up the phone and call immediately, we have live staff standing by that can dispatch one of our water damage specialists to your location immediately. We work with insurance companies, homeowners, businesses, industrial properties, hotels, theatres, apartment owners, and more. We are fully licensed by the California State License Board to perform all types of water removal and repair services.

Why Choose Us For Your Water Damage Repair?

Our specialized staff has over 10 years of experience treating and repairing properties that have sustained major and minor water damage issues. We understand how troublesome and instruive a flood in your property can be, which is why we strive to make the experience you have as easy as possible. If you are going through insurance and have never made a claim before, we can help advise you on how to fill out the correct paperwork and what items your insurance company is going ask from you. We are always open, so if you ever have an issue, or question after the job is done, we highly encourage you to give us a call. We highly encourage open communication amongest our staff and clients, you will never be left in the dark, we will explain to you exactly what we plan to do and how we plan to do it. Most of our work in the past has been through positive referrals from many of our existing satisfied customers, recently though we have ventured online and hope to be able to help even more homeowners recover their property to pristine condition.

If You Have Mold In Your Home, Get It Removed ASAP. Here’s Why

If you discover mold festering in your home or property it is very important to immediately address the problem and have it removed, this is why. If you allow your mold problem to grow unchecked it will continue to spread and as it spreads larger it will grow faster and faster. Mold growth leads to the release mold spores into the air nearby; it has been shown that breathing in these types of common mold spores can be very toxic for human health and lung health. Once the mold grows to an alarming size, your property could become uninhabitable and the cost for remediation could be astronomical. If you spot mold growth, you need to get it removed before it grows or else you will end up spending a lot more money. Mold will damage your health, your home, your pets, and your property value.

Below are just a few of the insurance carriers we work with.



Get A Mold Inspection For Your San Diego Property First

When you begin to discover mold in your home, before you can get it removed you should contact our certified San Diego mold inspector. Mold can be present in the home in areas that are not commonly seen by our eyes, typically in areas that are dark and damp. A mold inspector will be able to use high tech equipment to scan your property for mold hotspot that cannot be seen by the naked eye, our equipment also allows us to search for mold behind walls and in the ceilings. A san diego mold inspector will be able to tell you exactly how bad of a mold problem you have on your property. The inspector will also be able to recommend to you the best course of action on how to deal with the problem, typically it will involve using a San Diego mold remediation company. Check out Commercial Water Restoration.